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Here at Tough & Dapper, we strive to educate and expand the minds and perceptions of all men, so they can make educated decisions on their hygienic practices. We do this by being 100% transparent about our ingredients and using our branding and marketing to actively change those prejudices against men using skincare. All this put together equals outstanding products that any man should feel comfortable using with the knowledge that it makes him more of a man, not less.


Our product philosophy is that we will never suffer quality for the increase in profits. This philosophy allows us the freedom to ensure our customers that we will never use ingredients such as parabens, silicones and petroleum based ingredients. We are obsessed with having the healthiest ingredients for our customers.
Second only to the quality of the ingredients, is the performance. Every product offered has been tested and tweaked an innumerable amount of times. The key areas that are looked at are: scent, the strength of scent, performance and consistency. No product is ever put into production without absolute confidence that it performs second to none. We never sell a product that we don't use ourselves.
Because we concentrate on fulfilling the needs of all our customers, we list out all of our ingredients on our website as well as on every product. We want to ensure our customers that we are not hiding any ingredients that could potentially be detrimental to their health. All of our fragrances are formulated using pure essential oils and will never have synthetic scents.
But most importantly, we educate men on how using skincare allows them to become a better version of themselves and on the ingredients that are in the products they use everyday. Our goal here is to have every man grow their knowledge base on perceptions versus reality, as well as ingredients and the effects they have on health.