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our story


Our vision is to see every man taking proper care of their skin and beards,

using the healthiest product ingredients available. 



To bring directly to every man, healthy grooming products that  deliver a

tangible difference in everyday routine and overall results.



Healthy, plant-based ingredients, non-synthetic aromas and simple,

easy to use products make Tough & Dapper the natural

choice for successful grooming.


How do you view skincare products for men? This sole question is the reason for Tough & Dapper's existence.

Before I worked for my mother's skincare and makeup company, I thought of skincare for men in much the same light as most men do. It was unmanly and damaged my macho image.

So what made me change my mind? Well, it was a slow process of breaking down my preconceived prejudices on the matter, based on real life practical experience in the field as well as educating myself on the subject.

What I discovered is most women can't understand why their men don't take care of their skin. They feel that skincare is an essential part of daily hygiene and men who take this step more attractive. 

So keep an open-mind and let me go into further detail on how we are actively changing the definition of men, everywhere.





In the year 2007, I was just a mere 10th grade student at a Metro Detroit area high school. Little did I know that this year would mark the start of a journey in an industry I was completely unfamiliar with.

This was the same year that my mother founded an organic skin care and makeup company that would aim to educate women about the products they use and the ingredients used, in an effort to improve the lives and general health of women.

Being the curious man that I am, I decided that I would help my mother reach her goals and thought it was cool to be manufacturing products from scratch using raw materials and pure ingenuity.

After years of working for my mother and learning far more than any man should know about makeup, I finally discovered my own true passion, creating a brand that would portray how I viewed the industry and the pathway it was headed towards. I decided it was time to take my expertise in the skin care industry and create products for men that would be of the utmost quality, performance and sophistication, while maintaining a clean ingredient list.

However, I was now desensitized by what many men see as the drawbacks of using skin care. For some reason, a lot of men think that using skin care and other grooming products makes them lesser men, which has been caused by society. But after years of being in the female skin care industry, I had come across plenty of women that just wished their men took better care of their skin and beards!

It is these two conflicting point of views that led me to creating a brand that speaks to men that feel skin care isn't cool or makes them lesser men. I felt and continue to feel strongly that men just need to be educated about the benefits of using skin care and to have their mind opened to the possibility that using these products actually enhances their manhood. 

I then set off to create a brand that not only looks incredible and manly, but has products made with the highest quality ingredients, so men can look their best. Every inch of this company is meant to change the definition that society has created for men.

I find it vitally important to convey why this company exists, not just what we are selling. That's why we encourage questions and suggestions. We are here for you and care about your opinions and concerns.

Just remember, skincare and grooming products make you look like the best MAN you can be! Don't let society form your opinions or define you as a man.